Friday, February 12, 2010

Toni Braxton On Wendy Williams

"Make My Heart"


Toni Braxton performed her new single "Make My Heart" for the first time on The Wendy Williams Show, where she also sat down for a chat with her friend. Granted, she did lipsync & her hair looks a bit of a mess (I prefer long hair on her personally... why is everybody ditching their locks lately?), but Toni commanded that stage & I love her for it! Oh, & will you look at that: "Make My Heart" is available now to download!! The interview was an interesting one, as Ms. Braxton brought out her Wendy-fan mother & outspoken sister (just a taste of what's to come!), discussed her recent separation, & mentioned that she is in good health! Yay!! Toni's sure-to-be-blazin' next album Pulse is due May 4th.

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Anonymous said...

I love this woman and this interview was cute and cool! Toni Looked Great!!!!