Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Craig David Promo Pics

Craig David is gearing up for the release of his fifth studio album Signed Sealed Delivered (March 22nd) in the UK & has a new set of promotional photos to go along with it. It really does suck that one of the best male R&B singers out there has basically abandoned the US market, but hey, as soon as you release an album that isn't full of Motown covers, hit us up again, Craig!



Anonymous said...

He didn't abandon the U.S.
Sadly, it's more like the U.S. abandoned him for non-talented "studio singers".
His company doesn't even promote him on these shores. I figure since he's still popular in his native U.K. that is where they will promote him.

vmars08 said...

Well, I realize that he wouldn't have abandoned the US if he had found success here, but that doesn't mean I stopped being a fan myself.

Anonymous said...

I never gave up on him either.
He's very underrated.