Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Monica "Still Standing" Cover

Monica has revealed the cover art for her long-awaited fifth studio album Still Standing (March 23rd). I could complain about a little thing or two, but I have waited too long for this project & am anticipating it too much to focus on the negative. I like it!


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Anonymous said...

the cover is gOrGeOuS, but... admitting to a “gurrrrl crush”, i’ve always admired Monica. thinking of her talents, family life and character as being both motivating and capitivating, but this go round… my feelings are HURT. this CD is truely LACKING in sooo many ways. WTH happened? who’s decision was it to crowd sooo many songs on ONE CD and to simply transfer 3 or 4 old songs ( not even singing in her more mature voice, just a transfer). don’t get it twisted the oldies are gOOdies, but this CD could definitely have been MUCH BETTER. i feel that the album was rushed and just thrown together. on the show I could see that Monica really was pushed to put something out and that’s what it sounds like—a push. i would have rathered a LIVE ALBUM, straight from the spots she did as promotion on the show. just expressin’ myself to a “sister” and the industry that relies on the TRUTH from loyal consumers. NOT a YES WOMAN!!! i am still a dedicated fan, but again was hoping for a more heart felt and eyewatering musical impact than what has been presented.