Sunday, February 7, 2010

Karina & Sammie Remake "Brokenhearted"

Karina has decided to join forces with Sammie to cover Brandy's hit song "Brokenhearted" with Wanya Morris of Boyz II Men from her self-titled debut album. Alright, loyal readers: This one's for you. You KNOW I love me some Brandy, but for the longest time I didn't own her debut, & when I finally bought & listened to it, I actually didn't looove it. I bring this up because I had to YouTube the original to remember how it goes--& lemme tell you, I'll be pulling that CD back out with the quickness because the original is amazing! Now, obviously Karina has some mad pipes, so you know she's blowing on this song, which is good... I just hope she doesn't over-do it because she is capable of doing some Brandy-like vocals & that's what this song requires to REALLY shine. As for Sammie, I was totally a fan of him the first time around (if you know what I mean)! Although I haven't been into him since, hearing his voice again reminds me of why I was a fan in the first place. Anyway, to sum up, I think this has the potential to be really good!

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