Thursday, February 25, 2010

*UPDATED* Idol Review: Top 24

The live shows of season nine are finally upon us... but they sucked, so you're getting Kris Allen's cover of The Beatles' "Let It Be" from tonight's results show. His rendition, which was about 100x better than anything any one of this year's contestants had to offer this week, is supposed to be available for purchase to benefit Haiti, but it has yet to show up on iTunes, so I'll update this post with a link when/if it does.

As for the contestants, let's start with the girls. The only ones I'm interested in at all are Paige Miles & Michelle Delamor, the latter of which actually had the week's best performance, even though it was only mediocre. I would've said Ashley Rodriguez & Janell Wheeler have potential (Janell being the one that actually impressed me once with her rendition of "American Boy" in Hollywood)--& they were in the better half of the group of girls--but.. ya. I think Crystal Bowersox, Lilly Scott, Haeley Vaughn, & Siobhan Magnus are jokes; I just don't care for Katelyn Epperly; Lacey Brown doesn't know who she is (nor is she really talented); Didi Benami wasn't awful in Hollywood, but she's already gotten old; & Katie Stevens wouldn't make a sound if you plugged her nose.

Now, my favorite guy (& possibly contestant, should he do what he's capable of) is Todrick Hall & I don't think he got enough credit for his performance this week, but it still wasn't a very good vocal showcase. I also think Jermaine Sellers is talented, but he hasn't a clue how to use his voice & he may not have enough time to learn. As for Andrew Garcia, I'm on the fence because I like his voice, but his acoustic versions of every song ever are gonna get really old, really fast if he doesn't come harder. That's it though... Aaron Kelly & Casey James are just not for me, Tim Urban's not even worth my energy (although he seems like a nice person), Lee Dewyze & John Park are awful, Michael Lynche is frustratingly bad (Maroon 5? Really?!), & Alex Lambert leaves me at a loss for words. I'm glad Tyler Grady is gone & although Joe Munoz wasn't the worst of the bunch (+ I feel sorry for him since he only left because of his lack of screen time), he wasn't anything special.

Since I haven't done one of these in a while, I feel kinda bad about being so negative towards all these people, but I'm only being honest & American Idol holds a special place in my heart, so to see such a lousy crop of contestants is discouraging, to say the least. I know many people say that the contestants will grow & get better over time, & I'm sure they probably will, but looking back on the last couple of seasons, no first semifinal round was this pathetic.

To round things out, I'm going to be leaving you with the latest episode of The BabyV Show every week. Starring the fourth season of Idol's third-place finisher (& best contestant ever) Vonzell Solomon, The BabyV Show provides some insight into each corresponding week of Idol as well as *drumroll* Boonquisha! Take a look:

UPDATE: You can buy Kris Allen's live version of "Let It Be" to benefit Haiti now HERE.

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GG12 said...

Well I do agree that this season is pretty crappy. It was disappointing about who went home (except the freakish 70s wanna be poser, he sucked). But Todrick is defiantly an amazing singer as well! I don't think they gave the girls who went home a good enough chance to prove themselves. I do like Katelyn Epperly though, and Haeley Vaughn hasn't quite lost me, although I think i will be lost soon. The boys pretty much suck (except the black ones - minus the country boy) Didi is okay, Michelle was probably the best girl though! But yeah, this season mainly sucks.. Go Vonzell though(: