Thursday, February 25, 2010

*UPDATED* Elliott Yamin Performs "Rock Around The Clock" In Chile

Elliott Yamin sang "Rock Around The Clock" at the Competencia Internacional in Chile recently. I'm not really sure why, but you can't say he didn't sound great! He timed this well, as it makes me think of a semifinal Idol performance--& a better one than any offered this week by far! I feel the need to remind you that Elliott's terribly underrated sophomore album Fight For Love is out now.

UPDATE: So, you know how there was that big earthquake last night in Chile? Well, Elliott was still there! He was live-tweeting (@elliottyamin) the whole time & I was actually up, so I caught his tweets & got really worried for him, but thankfully, he's alright. Here he is talking to the Today show this morning on the phone about the incident:

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