Sunday, February 28, 2010

David Archuleta "Chords Of Strength" Book Cover

David Archuleta will be releasing a book entitled "Chords Of Strength: A Memoir Of Soul, Song, & The Power Of Perseverance" on May 4th. You can check out the cover above. Yes, I know it seems a little silly for someone whose age still ends in 'teen' to be releasing a memoir, but... you know you want it! But really, if you do, I would really appreciate it if you bought it via the Amazon link on the widget to your right. You would be supporting the blog & I would love you the best! :)



violet4ever said...

I am very much looking forward to reading David's memoir. It's not silly at all. Celebris Press asked David to write the book. It's a memoir - David's memories of his childhood and early singing including his vocal paralysis. David considered the memoir another challenge to tackle. I think it's great he's writing down those old memories before he loses touch with them. David said "I've been working a lot on the memoir that I've been working on, and it can be pretty challenging since I'm not used to writing and thinking about myself as much as I have to with this book lol. It's really cool though because a lot of the things you may have forgotten about in your past start to come back when you start thinking hard and a lot about events and memories you have back there in your brain that might be a little rusty. They're still there though, you just have to really take some time to ponder haha. It's been challenging with all the other things we've had to do with the project too, but I'm looking forward to seeing how everything comes together at the end and sometimes it's good to challenge yourself farther than you may normally be used to!"

Anonymous said...

I cant wait to read about Davids life! He is such a great person and would love to hear about his vocal paralysis time. He wrote the song Falling when he was going through that hard time, It is on his deluxe ablum as a bonus track. He talks about "struggleing for one more breath and trying to chase the memories away but they haunt me everyday"! Such a heart wrenching song but "knowing that there is so much more to what my life may have in store"! And yes David you peservered and look how much you have accompished! One of the hardest working artists out there! A voice of Gold.His message to all never give up and be grateful for everything you have.

Anonymous said...

David may still be a "teen" but he's probably already faced a lifetime of experiences. I am looking forward to reading how he felt about AI and how someone as naturally shy as he is has been able to overcome it all. I find David extremely inspiring (not to mention incredibly talented and well, um pretty hot looking!)