Friday, February 12, 2010

Celine Dion Returning To Vegas

Celine Dion is set to reside in Las Vegas for another three years beginning on March 15, 2011. She will be returning to the Colosseum at Caesar's Palace that was build for her five-year "A New Day..." show, which ran through 2007. Celine, who's coming off her "Taking Chances" world tour, plans to have a full orchestra-accompanied show inspired by the romance of classic Hollywood movies. I wish I could've seen her original show live, but for anyone else who has the DVD, you know her new one is gonna be quite a spectacle! Speaking of which, Celine's documentary "Celine Through The Eyes Of The World" based on her recent world tour will be playing in theaters nationwide throughout the latter half of February... but, of course(!), not in my area, so if you go, enjoy it for the both of us!

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