Saturday, January 16, 2010

Toni Braxton On Walmart Soundcheck



To my disappointment, Toni Braxton only performed "Yesterday" for her Walmart Soundcheck, but that's where the bad news ends because she did an incredible job of it. "Yesterday" really is one of the best songs out there right now. The interview was good too, with Toni revealing her favorite song off her upcoming album Pulse (March 2nd): the country-tinged "If I Have To Wait." It happens to be one of the few tracks from the Pulse sessions that hasn't leaked & while the word 'country' makes me queasy, I definitely trust Toni. Might I add that this woman looks better as time goes by! Anyway, I really love Toni (like, REALLY) & I can't wait for her new album (again, no, REALLY...), as I'm currently listening to my 18(!)-track Pulse playlist. <3 Btw, I have a ton more posts coming tomorrow (well, later today actually). I have discovered that celebrites are busy when & only when I am... ya.

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