Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Q&A: Vonzell Solomon

It's no secret that Vonzell Solomon is my favorite American Idol contestant of all time. Being the gracious person that she is, the fourth season, third-place finisher agreed to answer a few questions for Bring Da Beat Back as she gears up for the release of her highly anticipated debut album.

Q: Is there any particular memory that you have of your time on American Idol that sticks out to you?

A: Meeting Brandy, someone I've loved & idolized since I was a kid!

Q: What is it like for a former Idol contestant after the show & tour are over as you're trying to forge ahead with your career? Do labels come after you or are you expected to chase them?

A: It's a little bit of both, but you really have to be proactive & go get what you want.

Q: There were rumors a while back that you signed with Dallas Austin's label Rowdy Records. Assuming you aren't with the label now, as you are an independent artist, is there any truth to these rumors? If so, what happened?

A: That was so not true, unfortunately that opportunity never panned out. However I started my own label Melodic Records & I'm releasing an album this year.

Q: I know from personal experience that it's exciting for a fan that got to know & love you to now be some part of your career. What are the main advantages of being an independent artist for you?

A: The main advantage of being an independent artist is having creative control. Because I'm a songwriter this means a lot to me, & getting fans involved in a way that you develop personal relationships with them, through my street team I'm able to that.

Q: Does your album have a title yet? If not, are there any ideas you have that you might want to throw out there?

A: I don't have a title for the album yet, however I'll be releasing singles soon, so it will most likely be the name of the most popular single.

Q: Does your album have a release date? If not, is there a certain time period you are aiming for?

A: I don't have a release date yet, but hopefully this summer/fall.

Q: When your album is released, how will it be distributed (nationally, digitally, etc.)?

A: It will be distributed internationally.

Q: When will your single be released? Will fans be able to purchase it anywhere digitally?

A: My single "Dirt Bag" will be released late February/early March & it will be available digitally (see: iTunes).

Q: You were phenomenal in Todrick Hall's "OZ the Musical" last year. What have been your favorite experiences since Idol?

A: I've had so many great experiences since Idol; one of my favorites is being on tour as a spokesperson for the United States Postal Service.

Q: Looking towards the future, do you have any goals & ambitions? Any events coming up?

A: Just came off a small tour, so right now I'm promoting & gearing up for the release of my new single "Dirt Bag."

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carole said...

I live in the same area that Vonzell lives.
She was in The Edison Padget of Light Parade a few years back. She made the news because she charged the little kids for an autograph.
Check the Fort Myers New-Press if you don't believe it. I had liked her and stood out in the sun for hours to see her one day. DId she ever showed up and sing? I don't know. She was late by hours when I left.

vmars08 said...

Well I know from actually having met her in person that Vonzell is a kind, gracious person.

Celeen said...

I have met Vonzell too, and she is amazing and really really nice. I love her and I think this was a really good interview. carole is a hoe.