Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Michelle Williams Leaves Music World

Like the other done-wrong former DC3 member before her, Michelle Williams has decided to leave Mathew Knowles' management company Music World Entertainment. It's obvious why, but here's her statement if you wanna read it:

"From my time in Destiny's Child to my solo career, I am grateful for everything Mathew & his team has done for me. We've shared great success together. However, as I move in a new direction in my career, I felt it was time. I wish Mathew Knowles & the Music World Entertainment family all the best."

Very classy, Shelly. Especially since all Mathew's 'done for you' lately is run your amazing album Unexpected into the ground. Michelle's just fine though because she starts her stint on Broadway in the musical "Chicago" on February 8th!


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