Saturday, January 9, 2010

*UPDATED* Katharine McPhee Performs On The Early Show

And now, to close out the day, we have a refreshing reappearance from the recluse herself, Katharine McPhee! She performed my absolute favorite song, "Had It All," from her sophomore album Unbroken on The Early Show this morning, followed by a short interview. She did well though. I apologize, before you scroll down, to non-Kat McPhee fans, but she's the only person doing anything right now--& she's doing a lot! Anyway, back to Katharine: Forget what I said before. Honey, do NOT change your hair. As long as you have it blonde, this is how you need to do it.

UPDATE: Katharine also performed what I can only assume will serve as her next single, "Keep Drivin'," as it's probably the album track she's sung the most & if that's indeed the case, no complaints here:

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