Saturday, January 16, 2010

*UPDATED* Fantasia Album Update

More information about Fantasia's third album, which is due in March, has emerged. As if the impressive group of collaborators 'Tasia already announced wasn't enough, add Tricky Stewart, Los Da Mystro, Jim Jonsin, & John Legend to the list. Also, songs that are expected to make the final cut are "Can't Be Without You," a reimagination of the classic "Misty Blue;" "Trust Him," which is inspired by Lauryn Hill; & "The Thrill Is Gone" (not the B.B. King classic), which features Cee-Lo; not to mention "Move On Me." Last but definitely not least, Fantasia will have a rock song on the album that will allow her to "unleash her inner Tina Turner." Altogether now: Wow! I'm excited about all of this, but particularly the rock song because she had an 'urban rock' vibe on some of the best songs on her last album (see: "Uneligible" ... I know). It sounds like Fantasia is really coming hard with this album & a hit VH1 reality show serving as your promo isn't too shabby either. Now, if she can just stop messing around in her personal life...

UPDATE: Speaking of Fantasia's personal life, during her rough times these last couple years, she took to the studio to record a song entitled "Overload" for her third album that helped her cope with the difficulties. That one'll be interesting to hear.


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