Saturday, January 16, 2010

Eve Leaves Interscope Records + More

Following a seemingly endless cycle of reworking, retitling, & pushbacks, Eve has announced via Twitter (@TheRealEve) that she has left Interscope Records, is currently a free agent, & finally plans on releasing her fourth album this year. Her first album in EIGHT years, the project is now titled Lip Lock & will apparently feature her now-ancient singles "Tambourine" & the Sean Paul-assisted "Give It To You" as bonus tracks. Hmm. This kinda irks me. If it was Interscope's decision to drop her, how many times does an artist have to rework material for you to give it another go? It's not like she's cost you any money since '02. If it was really Eve's decision to leave, who the heck leaves Interscope?! I mean, if they won't release your music, how in the world are you gonna get any exposure by yourself after almost a decade? Anyway, Eve says she's been "re-doing music," which may be fine, but can she not release any of that Swizz Beatz stuff she worked on for so long? I only express my concerns because if she joins the Kid Sisters & Kelises of the world in releasing straight dance-tinged music instead (see: "Me & My (Up In The Club)"), my interest will fall off pretty quickly.


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