Friday, December 18, 2009

Monica "Still Standing" Update

You may be wondering why Monica hasn't been pushing a single or two preceding her upcoming fifth studio album Still Standing (March 9th) now that her highly entertaining BET reality show of the same name has been on for a while. Well, to answer that question as well as the one pertaining to that very delayed release date you see above, Monica has been forced to scrap the dual singles she was planning on releasing & go in a different direction. That direction has been confirmed as another dual single release: "One In A Lifetime" (see below) & "Love All Over Me." That sound you hear is Monica fans all over the world banging their heads against a wall. First of all, "One In A Lifetime" is NOT--I repeat, NOT--first single material. Not only that, but I would go as far as to say that since it's been leaked for an eternity now, it shouldn't even be a single at all. Also, what is the point of releasing two ballads at the same time? They are just gonna cancel eachother out! Wow, Larry Jackson, you really screwed this one up. Moving on, Mo tweeted a bit of news a little while back that I thought I'd throw in here. She has recorded a song called "Mirror" for her new album & it's produced by Jim Jonsin. There ya go!

One In A Lifetime

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Anonymous said...

again i disagree with you once in a lifetime is definitely single material