Saturday, December 5, 2009

Melinda Doolittle Performs On Holiday Lights

Melinda Doolittle participated in Holiday Lights, Boston's tree-lighting ceremony, by performing her single "It's Your Love" from Coming Back To You as well as "O Holy Night." Melinda shut it down as usual! I was particularly impressed with her rendition of "O Holy Night"--very nice. She & David Archuleta are killin' 'em this year with the Christmas music! P.S. I didn't want this to overshadow Melinda's great performances, what's with that minute-long intro that ended with her calling Melinda 'Melissa' ... SMH.

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GriotLori said...

I'm with you on Melinda's version of O Holy Night (the ending especially, I mean)- very different and memorable. I mean, how many more verbatim versions need to be done? As for the mis-spoken intro, I don't think any harm was intended. Melinda's been to Beantown at least twice before this past year, so those folks know her and luv her. ;-)