Monday, December 7, 2009

Mary J. Blige "Stronger With Each Tear" Tracklisting + Preview

We finally have a confirmed tracklisting to go with the slightly revised artwork for Mary J. Blige's upcoming album Stronger With Each Tear (December 21st). However, we already have half of it:

1. Tonight
2. The One (ft. Drake)
3. Said & Done
4. Good Love (ft. T.I.)
5. I Feel Good
6. I Am
7. Each Tear
8. I Love U (Yes I Du)
9. We Got Hood Love (ft. Trey Songz)
10. Kitchen
11. In The Morning
12. Color

It's good to see "The One," "Good Love," &, of course, "I Am" on there, so I'm happy. Also, "Color" is in fact the retitled theme "I Can See In Color" from "Precious." My only problem lies in what is most likely the reason for the album's last-minute title change--the lack of inclusion of the more-or-less title track "Stronger." C'mon, there's only 12 tracks... it's not like there wasn't room. *Sigh* Anyway, click HERE to listen to the album snippets. Since I know how I feel about half of the album already, I'll reserve judgment on the rest until I hear it in full.

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D'NiCole said...

I respect the fact that they introduced some new production and I am an enormous fan of Mary so it hasn't changed my favorite album choice ( Mary) but I'm feeling her creative growth...btw love #4 and #5