Tuesday, December 15, 2009

*UPDATED* Mariah Carey 'Memoirs' Remix Album Update

From the feature-heavy Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel remix album, a Ne-Yo-assisted "Angels Cry" is set to be Mariah's next single. It's even possible that the song's accompanying video has already been shot. Another tidbit that I neglected to mention from not too long ago about this remix album is that R. Kelly is set to be featured on the track "Betcha Gon' Know." I'm thinking this is pretty good news for Mariah. Having Ne-Yo, one of radio's darlings at the moment, on her song might actually attract the attention needed to get some airplay. And if you're wondering why the name 'Mariah Carey' isn't enough, I've got three words for you: L.A. ____ing Reid. As for me personally, I would want them to push "H.A.T.E.U." for the next six months 'til the wheels fall off because the song is friggin' brilliant & could pull a "Halo"/"Already Gone"-style climb up the charts. But whatever. I want those remix albums in February!

UPDATE: VERY exciting update! In addition to the "Angels Cry" remix, a Nicki Minaj-featured "Up Out My Face" remix is set to be released as a single! Videos for "Angels Cry" & "Up Out My Face" will be shot December 17th & 18th, respectively, with director ... Nick Cannon. It also appears that with a marching band being currently scheduled for the shoot, the "Up Out My Face" reprise will be included in the video. Yay! Not only does this dual single business to cater to all audiences sound great, but the Nicki Minaj feature totally makes up for that disappointing Ne-Yo one! I'm actually a pretty (new, but) big fan of Nicki & I plan on providing coverage of her once she gets ready to drop her debut album, but for now, you can check her out on the upcoming Young Money album.

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