Friday, December 11, 2009

German Popstars Finale Performance Highlights

Keri Hilson "I Like"

Rihanna "Russian Roulette"

Leona Lewis "Happy"

The German version of the TV competition show Popstars recently had its latest finale, which featured quite a lineup of music's current stars. Keri Hilson performed her German hit "I Like" pretty well; I didn't particularly care for the "Scream" dance break myself, but I enjoyed the rest of the performance. As for Rihanna, honey, if you could just tune that first big note of the chorus, it'd make "Russian Roulette" live 1000x better. Also, Leona Lewis performed "Happy." Chick's got pipes for days. On a related note, does anybody else remember the American version of this show from what seems like forever ago?! (Nicole Scherzinger! Yes!!)

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