Wednesday, December 23, 2009

David Archuleta Performs "Melodies Of Christmas" On Regis & Kelly

The machine known as David Archuleta kept that Christmas promotion going, err, spirit alive with a performance of his very own "Melodies Of Christmas" on Live With Regis & Kelly. He sounded great & with all that recent touring & it being a morning show, I simply don't know how! (lol) I'd also like to mention that I finally got (my mom to sit down long enough) to finish David's Billboard concert & WOW! That second half with the classic Christmas songs & those strings accompanying him was simply breathtaking. I'll for sure be pulling out my Christmas From The Heart CD to enjoy as many more listens as possible before Christmas!


--bianca said...

LOL, loved "The machine known as"--he really is hardworking isn't he? So glad you (and your Mom) got to listen to the BillboardLive concert. It was a dream, wasn't it? Next tour you should see David in person!

rarchiefan said...

Thank you for your wonderful comments about the Amazing Singer David Archuleta! I'm not sure how he does it either. His schedule is crazy and he hardly has a moment to himself or to sleep these days it seems with tour, interviews and tv appearances. Wonderful youngman beautiful singer and songwriter! Catch David live when you can, simply put perfection.