Friday, December 18, 2009

David Archuleta Performs "Ave Maria" On Nuestra Navidad

David Archuleta sang his rendition of "Ave Maria" from his new Christmas album Christmas From The Heart at a school in Harlem for the Univision holiday special Nuestra Navidad. Amazing! Of course! On a related note, I've only managed to make my way through about half of his Billboard concert so far, but it's excellent!


catherine said...

Yes, his Ave Maria was so beautiful! Wish they had left in the first verse, though. I watched Billboard Live - pretty cool! I'm glad to hear it's suppose to be available for 2 weeks, cause it'll be nice to watch again.

catherine said...

Haha! I just noticed David is in your blog header thing. Nice!

Holly said...

Just wait until you watch the rest of the Billboard Live. I have seen David at 3 concerts this tour and this one for Billboard was just as good. His Silent Night and O Holy Night were amazing. The mic was very sensitive, but David was pitch perfect through all the difficult Christmas songs. He really is amazing. I loved how the kids at the Harlem school went crazy when they announced David.