Tuesday, December 22, 2009

David Archuleta On Today

"Angels We Have Heard On High"


David Archuleta did right by his holiday album Christmas From The Heart with this appearance on the Today show, which included a showstopping performance of "Angels We Have Heard On High." Let's see, Archie... by my count, you went on three full-fledged tours, recorded this album, & began writing for your sophomore pop album this year. Sir, I believe you have earned the right to relax & enjoy your holiday!


Anonymous said...

I think you should add a feature to link your blog posts here via Twitter! I always love your Archuleta coverage.

pouncer84 said...

David did 3 tours in the US (solo, Demi, Christmas). He also toured in the UK and performed in Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines. Yes, David has most definitely earned a rest. Thank you for such a fabulous year. Happy Holidays and Happy 19th Birthday David.

vmars08 said...

@Anonymous, I'm trying out a retweet feature I found on this post. If you see this, you can try it out & hopefully it'll work! :)