Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Craig David Collaborates With Jay Sean

Craig David came out of hiding--if only for a moment--to feature on Jay Sean's "Stuck In The Middle" off the UK version of his new album All Or Nothing. Listen below:

Umm... this dude knows that Craig is better than him, right? Well, it's good to hear Craig's voice again & I hope that he has something of his own in store for the new year... even though we will most likely be deprived here in the US once again.



Anonymous said...

thats not Craig David you dumbass, its Jared Cotter.

vmars08 said...

Wow, how very kind of you... Jared Cotter is featured on the US version of the song, while Craig David assists on the UK one.

Chris said...

yeah "Anonymous" until you do your research you need to shut the hell up!