Friday, December 18, 2009

The Caffeine Patch: Shrek Forever After Teaser Trailer & Poster

Dreamworks Animation has unveiled both the teaser trailer & poster for "Shrek Forever After," the fourth & final installment in the popular series, which opens in 3D on May 21st. Am I the only one who missed the memo about this being "the final chapter?!" I was expecting more of them, so I'm disappointed... but I think they can cover more than enough in four movies. Anyway, check this stuff out cause the direction they're going in this one is quite interesting.


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Natalie said...

After watching the trailer @ on the main page, all i can say is that he characters still have the same humor and the cat is hilarious. I can't say I can't wait for this movie, but when it comes out I will gladly enjoy it.