Friday, November 13, 2009

Teairra Mari "At That Point" Update

No, Teairra Mari's sophomore album At That Point will not be released this year. The project has been pushed to February of next year & in the meantime, Teairra has stayed busy recording five new songs for the album. If I'm being honest, I've never taken pushback news so well. For one, this comes on the heels of the similarly-underpromoted Amerie's album flopping HARD. Plus, it gives Teairra more time to push "Sponsor" in hopes of having more of a Keri-type situation once her album does finally drop. "Sponsor" is a hot song that I haven't been able to stop playing since its leak, so it should do well--given that it's properly promoted. As far as the new material goes, I'm excited to hear it because I'm sure Teairra will bring it as she has with her leaked material thus far... which also happens to create a problem because I don't want her to take any of my favs off the final tracklisting! That said, I would hate to wait until February for an album that is almost completely leaked at THIS point.

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