Monday, November 2, 2009

Rihanna "Rated R" Tracklisting

Rihanna is putting promotion in high gear for her upcoming fourth album Rated R (November 23rd). First single "Russian Roulette" will see its video premiere November 13th on 20/20, the week after RiRi's appearance, which the video for her second single "Wait Your Turn" is set to premiere tomorrow! Check out the tracklisting for Rated R below:

1. Mad House
2. Wait Your Turn
3. Hard (ft. Young Jeezy)
4. Stupid In Love
5. ROCKSTAR 101 (ft. Slash)
6. Russian Roulette
7. Fire Bomb
8. Rude Boy
9. Photographs (ft.
10. G4L
11. Te Amo
12. Cold Case Love
13. The Last Song

"Hard" is the best leak yet, so I'm gaining a little hope back that Rated R will be about as good as I'd imagined. It's cool to see that "Te Amo" made the cut because that's a hot song (shout out to the superb James Fauntleroy for writing it)!

Hard (ft. Young Jeezy)


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