Wednesday, November 11, 2009

LeToya ft. Ludacris "Regret" Video Premiere

"Regret," featuring Ludacris, is miraculously the third single lifted from LeToya's sophomore album Lady Love. I've never been happier to see such an obvious product of the recession! Besides being forced to make some kind of video for the song after it reached a (current) peak of #8 & gained the Airplay Gainer status on Billboard's R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, Capitol Records' lack of promotion for such a hit-on-the-verge is most likely the stupidest label move I've heard about as long as I've been blogging--& there have been some STUPID decisions, let me tell ya. The fans have already done so much work FOR them & saved them SO much money, yet they won't invest the slightest amount to, say, send the single to pop stations so that it can become a crossover smash & make them oodles of money?! Some labels work their butts off to earn $ & fail... the others don't do anything & hope for $... but Capitol is practically being HANDED $ & they WON'T take it! Hey, Capitol Records! Let me run your label--I'll take the money!! Ugh. "Regret" is an awesome song, Lady Love is a great album, & LeToya deserves better for doing such a good job!

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