Saturday, November 21, 2009

Commentary #3: The Best We've Never Had

Everybody has one. That snippet that leaked; the in-studio footage you saw; the track you've only heard about. There are so many songs that have been teased to us, but have yet to leak. I, for one, know what it's like to wait anywhere from weeks to years to give my ears the chance to listen to a particular song. Patience has paid off in the past every so often with such tracks as Nicole Scherzinger's "Power's Out," Ciara's "Feelin' On My A," &, most recently, Mariah Carey's "100 Percent," but there are always more to be had. I've compiled my list of the top 10 songs that need to leak YESTERDAY:

1. Brandy "Stand Back": My favorite songwriter James Fauntleroy, who has unparalleled chemistry with Brandy, recently revealed that my favorite demo of his (& one of his favs as well) was recorded by Brandy. Unfortunately, not even a taste of Brandy's version has hit the net, but you can listen to J-Faunt's powerful demo below:

2. Brandy "Home": Besides "Power's Out" & until recently, this has been my most anxiously awaited potential leak. Brandy recorded this James Fauntleroy-penned track while working with Timbaland for her latest album Human alongside "Drum Life," neither of which made the final cut. James' demo for this one is also online, although no sample of Brandy's version is available:

3. Mario "Depression (Thinkin' Of You)": This one kills me. First of all, the lack of this song's inclusion was the biggest letdown for me about Mario's newest album D.N.A. Seemingly though, Mario made up for it by making this the album's iTunes pre-order bonus track. Those things always leak, right? Of course not. Here's a clip of it though:

4. Brandy "Louboutins": We all know the story behind this one--Jennifer Lopez snatched it up after Brandy's split with Epic Records earlier this year. That, however, does not change the fact that I KNOW Brandy killed her version & I'm DYING to hear it! For now though, all we have is J.Lo's version:

5. Nicole Scherzinger "Just Say Yes": Of course, the album leak of all album leaks would be that of Nicole Scherzinger's Her Name Is Nicole. Interestingly enough, nine of the album's fourteen tracks have already hit the net & while there isn't an ounce of studio-quality audio for four of the five songs that are still missing ("I M.I.S.S. U," "Love Like This," "When You're Falling," & "March"), we've been teased to death with "Just Say Yes." Even though the Snow Patrol-written track has now been taken back, Nicole performed it both on TV & at a club, where LQ audio of the entire song (the only available) was recorded. Below, I've included an HQ snippet of it:

6. Toni Braxton "Make My Heart": I'm not too terribly worried about this one, as Toni Braxton has a new album coming out soon, but I'm too darn impatient & concerned about the album's final tracklisting to wait until then! This uptempo sounds hot & would sure help liven up what is sure to be a ballad-heavy release from Toni. Listen to a snippet below:

7. Brandy "It's My Party": This is an interesting one. Ages ago, studio footage surfaced of Brandy recording this & I immediately fell in love. Since then, she's used the track to unofficially introduce us to her alter-ego Brand'Nu. Keeping in mind that I can only hope this ended up being an entire song & not just a hook, you can hear Brandy recording it from 1:40 to 2:30 below:

8. Dondria "Still Be With Me": This So So Def newbie was supposed to release her debut album 16 months ago. This song may or may not make the final cut, but it's probably the best one we've heard from her. Check out the song in progress at the 45-second mark:

9. Toni Braxton "Looking At Me": Here's another hot-sounding uptempo that has been recorded for possible inclusion on Toni's next album. Listen to a snippet below:

10. Christina Milian "Zipper": Our first taste of this possible Elope single was from a Tapemasters mixtape. The song's second verse was MIA, however, until it emerged sounding like someone had been singing along to it in their car. The official version has yet to leak, but you can listen to this fanmade version of the Christina Milian track below:

So, there you have it. The hottest songs we've never (completely) heard! I suppose this post'll have to do until *they* hear my cry. =/ Are there any you agree with? Can you think of any others? Lemme know!



Anonymous said...

Keri Hilson & Timbaland - Covers Blown.
Britney Spears - Rebellion

The_M_C_Fan said...

inifity - monica =( i heard it in the first episode of her show..
and ofcourse (just say yes) by nicole.. that one just kills me =(

vmars08 said...

Infinity! Of course!! lol...I watch the show too.

The_M_C_Fan said...

ok i had to come back for this last one (stacie orrico - miles away)!