Thursday, November 19, 2009

Amerie Performs "Heard 'Em All" On Lopez Tonight

Amerie continued tearing up stage after stage with her performance of "Heard 'Em All" on George Lopez's new late-night talk show Lopez Tonight. As hot a song as this is, when she performs it, she almost sounds like she's rapping. If Def Jam wants to move some units of In Love & War, they need to have her SANG something!


Anonymous said...

I love the song Heard 'Em All and I love Amerie. I really feel like she performs WHY R U better. She tour it up on 106 & Park maybe because Amerie said WHY R U is one of her favorite songs off the album. She just has a lot of feeling and emotions when she performs that track. I think she needs to releas More Than Love with Fabulous now that's the jam.

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