Sunday, November 22, 2009

Album Review: Adam Lambert "For Your Entertainment"

Where do you start with Adam Lambert? He took the most recent season of American Idol by storm as one of the greatest talents the show has ever seen. His voice left most of the country in awe, from his gorgeous, pure tone to the incredible heights he could reach vocally, & his outstanding stage presence went unmatched. The industry took notice as well, with Adam being tapped to record the epic theme song "Time For Miracles" (a bonus track on the album) for this holiday season's big-budget blockbuster "2012." Now, Adam is unleashing his debut album For Your Entertainment to show the world just exactly what we've been missing.

The album kicks off with the lyrically appropriate "Music Again," the song, if I had to pick one, that I think best embodies the sound Adam was aiming for. Next up is title track & first single "For Your Entertainment," an addictive pop track. The Max Martin & Pink-penned "Whataya Want From Me" has a bit more of the pop/rock style of its pop star co-writer. The song's lyrics fit Adam like a glove & he sings his butt of on it, which can obviously be said about the entire album. There's no doubt in my mind that Glambert had a ball recording the fun "Strut."

Adam slows it down for a moment on "Soaked," a very nice ballad with an interestingly timeless feel. He then rocks out on "Sure Fire Winners," which includes one of Lambert's best signature wails on the album. Listeners might be a little surprised to hear Adam get his vulnerability on with the Linda Perry-produced "A Loaded Smile;" as with anything of course, Adam does so perfectly. Another Max Martin offering, "If I Had You," has more of his typical pop sound, which makes this one of my favorite tracks on the album.

The uptempo vibe continues with "Pick U Up," which is another great vocal showing. Then, Lady Gaga does her best to rub off on Adam on "Fever," a fun track that has him trying on an accent that's sure to raise an eyebrow or two (the goal Lambert no doubt had in mind). Ryan Tedder continues giving me reasons to love him this year with "Sleepwalker," another highlight for me. Adam's voice is just wonderful over one of Tedder's signature productions. Next up is "Aftermath," that big rock ballad I know I was hoping for. Those vocals! Breathtaking... which is the perfect word to describe the very "Mad World"-ish closer "Broken Open." Adam is brilliant for ending the album this way. This song is so hauntingly beautiful.

For Your Entertainment is definitely the eclectic album Adam Lambert promised, with pop, rock, & electronic vibes throughout, yet it blends seemlessly together thanks, in part, to some excellent sequencing. Adam has come along at just the right time because he can do the electro-pop sound that's currently popular better than anybody on the radio & he brings a level of talent to the table, no matter the tempo, that is rare anytime, but especially these days. It really encourages me as well to see the very impressive lineup of writers & producers Adam scored for his first album. Now, to see Adam to perform these songs live..!

Rating: 5/5 Stars


Anonymous said...

1st album ever in my life that I can honestly say I looooooove every single track! Album is the ONE that we've been waiting for for a very long time. FINALLY!!!

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