Thursday, November 5, 2009

The 2009 MTV Europe Music Awards Recap

Beyonce "Sweet Dreams"

Leona Lewis "Happy"

It was Beyonce's night at this year's MTV Europe Music Awards, where she performed & was the big winner with three awards. The strangely abrupt ending aside, that was what Beyonce's VMA performance should've been this year! As for her wins, she walked away with the trophies for Best Female, Best Song ("Halo"), & Best Video ("Single Ladies"). A full list of winners can be found HERE. Leona Lewis also performed her single, which she did well with. However, I wish her label knew that once you do the big, dramatic performance the first time, the effect doesn't keep working over & over & over again. Of course, they should'nt have gone with the boring ballad to begin with...

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