Saturday, October 3, 2009

Usher "Monster" Update

Usher is preparing for the release of his sixth studio album Monster in December. The set's first single is titled "Papers" & is slated to debut on this coming Monday, October 5th. The Sean Garrett-penned song is about Usher's divorce (hence the original title "Filing Papers"). Usher has one of the best male R&B voices out there, so I'm anticipating this new single & album. However, let's look at something here. Exhibit A: Usher's last majorly successful album Confessions was about his previous public break-up. Exhibit B: His last album Here I Stand was primarily about how he felt regarding being married. Exhibit C: "Papers" is about his subsequent divorce. Now, I understand that artists write about personal experiences, but when EVERYTHING you do is on the very same subject that keeps you in the (tabloid) headlines all the time..? Kind of annoying. I mean, I'm personally sick of hearing about Usher's personal life because I'm interested in his music, so when all his music is about is the same stuff, it turns me off a little. Just look at Mariah's new album: She's happily married, but managed to write/sing about a variety of personal experiences & subjects. But who knows. I could be reading too much into this & I should probably just hear the music first. We'll see.

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Anonymous said...

you blogs cant stop negativity toward Usher cause someone at Def Jam ask you to do that
if you are bored with Usher private life
why dont you talk about the fact that he donated 1 million to help the community
this guy dont diserve all these negative comments he is giving money and time to other people
and all you guys can do is hatin on him
And if he wants to be sincere in his album he can
keep on defending number one woman beater ad blaming the generous Usher
it makes you like a hater