Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rihanna's "Rated R" Out November 23rd

Today, Rihanna unleashed her first single, the Ne-Yo-produced "Russian Roulette," off her upcoming fourth album Rated R (November 23rd). The instant I saw who produced the song, I knew I wasn't going to like it. And I don't. Now, it IS better than that "Take A Bow" crap & Rihanna's vocals HAVE gotten better since "Unfaithful," but I would prefer the mediocre-sounding 'Wait Is Ova' business (see: the RiRi post below that I updated yesterday) to this any day of the week. Why is Def Jam deathly afraid of releasing that "Breakin' Dishes"-esque track that would blow everyone else outta the water? (Heck, they didn't even release "Breakin' Dishes!" lol) Then again, L.A. Reid never does anything right, so it should be expected. I'm still holding out hope though that there'll be something on Rated R, which will include newly-announced collaborations with Stargate & Justin Timberlake, that I'll love. As for "Russian Roulette," at some point in time, the song's accompanying video will premiere in primetime on ABC. I like her look at the moment, so I hope it's good!

Russian Roulette

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