Sunday, October 18, 2009

*UPDATED* Rihanna Album Update

It's no secret (finally) that Rihanna will release her fourth album on (Super!) Monday, November 23rd, but very little else is known. What we do know is that the first single--whatever it may be--will be unleashed this Tuesday morning @ 11:23 EST. It's possible that the first single will be from "Umbrella" power duo The-Dream & Tricky Stewart though. The pair recently worked on a "monster" uptempo track for the singer, which will feature a rapper, the identity of which is also unknown. Hmm... I'm having mixed feelings about this whole *mysterious* vibe they're going with. On one hand, how in the world are they gonna have time to promote even the one single when the album comes out in a little over a month & we haven't even heard the song yet? Not to mention the fact that we don't even know the names of either... & the list goes on. On the other hand, "Umbrella" got so huge last time around that by the time they released the album, it didn't sell nearly what it should have in comparison, which has really become a trend as of late, especially when labels decide to push albums back even further to push a second single, which has failed miserably time & time again. Hopefully for their sake, the unknown will cause more anticipation than the actual music & result in higher record sales. I know I'm dying to hear the single... it had just better not suck. (Btw, am I the only one that wants to dare Chris Beatdown to release his album the same day so we can sit back & watch her clobber him ... on the charts?!)



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