Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Leona Lewis "Echo" Tracklisting

Leona Lewis' label is on a roll getting info & promo material out there for her anticipated sophomore album Echo (November 17th). With the numerous controversial leaks that have occurred regarding this release, it's tracklisting is rather interesting. Take a look:

1. Happy
2. I Got You
3. Love Letter
4. Can't Breathe
5. You Don't Care
6. Outta My Head
7. Brave
8. My Hands
9. Alive
10. Don't Let Me Down
11. Fly Here Now
12. Broken
13. Lost Then Found (ft. OneRepublic)

I'm excited that the Max Martin track ("Outta My Head") made it! Also, listening back at some of these songs, I agree with the inclusion of "Brave" & especially "I Got You," being that it's better than "Happy." I'm not jumping for joy about "Don't Let Me Down" making it, but the leaked version isn't final, so I'll have to wait & see. I'm sad that "Stone Hearts" & "Perfect Stranger" aren't there, though I'm not gonna say it's not possible that I'll change my mind once I hear the songs that we haven't yet. They did, however, seem to be less generic in some way(s), so you can take that or leave it. I'm not mad at 'em for leaving out "Strangers" & "Stay" though. Despite all this discussion about the leaks, I must admit that it's refreshing to see an album with nine of the 13 titles songs that we haven't heard before!


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