Friday, October 16, 2009

Katharine McPhee "Unbroken" Tracklisting

In early next year, Katharine McPhee will release her sophomore album Unbroken (January 5th). We've heard some new tracks from Kat lately, so check out the album's tracklisting to see if your favorite made the cut:

1. It's Not Right
2. Had It All
3. Keep Drivin'
4. Last Letter
5. Surrender
6. Terrified (ft. Jason Reeves)
7. How
8. Say Goodbye
9. Faultline
10. Anybody's Heart
11. Lifetime
12. Unbroken
13. Brand New Key

What can I say? I'm excited about this one! I just wish it would have come out in time for Christmas.


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TTT said...

You can always use your Christmas money to buy the album, though... and it's going to be worth it. Check Youtube for some of these titles. A lot of it is just fan video quality but it's a taste and will make you want to get the album to hear studio quality. It's going to be a great album.