Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Jennifer Hudson To Star In Christmas Special

In December, ABC will air "Jennifer Hudson: I'll Be Home For Christmas," an hour-long holiday special featuring the singer. The special will see the Oscar winner return to her hometown of Chicago & film musical performances at special childhood locations such as her church & music academy. Jennifer will also visit with family, friends, & others who have influenced her over the years. I cannot wait for this! Of course, I'm sure reliving her childhood experiences in her hometown will be an emotional experience for her, but Jennifer is gonna do an amazing job.


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norma said...

I heard someone say how did she get this, because she is not that famous. Well honey where have you been. Jennifer Hudson can not get anymore famous. She came in the industry already well known. What island you were hiding on. Jenny is an amazingly multi-talented artist. People seem to think Jennifer Hudson is overrated. If anything she is underrated. Jennifer has problemly the best sing voice in the industry today. No, she is not a booty shaker, or a dancer, but she is beautiful, and she is very comfortable in her skin, and she has the voice. The most humble and grounded artist in the industry.