Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Will Not Be Putting A Ring On This...

On November 10th, in a nauseating attempt to increase holiday sales of the album, Beyonce & co. will be re-releasing her latest album I Am... Sasha Fierce. For the most part, I am all for re-releases, but this one ... wow. The 17-track set will include everything from the original deluxe edition of the album that came out on its original release date--on one disc this time--plus the already-leaked bonus track "Poison." That's all, folks! After months of wondering, murmurs of a possible anthology, & what I thought was a pathetic 'platinum' edition released overseas, this is what we are left with. Sure it's got a pretty, technicolor(!) (zoomed in, recycled) cover, but the included material... will someone please explain to me what the point of putting out a 2-disc set with eight tracks each just to jack up the price (I may have just answered my own question...) was anyway?! I've supported Beyonce consistently her entire career, but this is very, very disappointing.


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