Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Adam Lambert "For Your Entertainment" Update

Adam Lambert, being the awesome dude that he is, tweeted (@adamlambert) news galore today regarding his upcoming debut album For Your Entertainment (November 23rd). The biggest update was that his first single will be the Dr. Luke-produced title track "For Your Entertainment." The uptempo joins another track on the album called "Soaked," which was written by Adam's favorite band Muse. Mr. Lambert himself had a hand in writing the songs "Aftermath," "Strut," & "Broken Open" on the album as well as the iTunes bonus track "Down The Rabbit Hole." All of these songs will accompany the also-confirmed "Music Again" & "Winners" on For Your Entertainment. Hopefully the tracklisting will just be revealed soon so I don't have to chase down any more confirmations (though... who knows what you might find searching through the archives of this very blog?!). Actually, I'm pretty sure it's about time we hear that first single!


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