Thursday, September 24, 2009

*UPDATED* Leona Lewis "Echo" Update

Here's a scooplet regarding Leona Lewis' upcoming sophomore album Echo (November 17th). In a new article, it is revealed that Leona has recorded "more uptempo, dance songs" for this album, including one titled "Outta My Head" with Max Martin. This is great news! Leona can sing her booty off on a ballad for sure, but 12 of 'em makes for a rather boring album. I'm especially excited to hear that Ms. Lewis has been collaborating with Max, or Mr. Uptempo himself! I hope their work ends up being hot. I'm reading over this list of upcoming releases & Echo might just be the one I'm most looking forward to this fall (besides Mariah, of course!), so I hope it doesn't disappoint!

UPDATE: So, a bit of discouraging news. Leona's work with Timbaland will not be included on Echo. Hopefully that just means she saved room for even hotter material!


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