Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Britney Spears "3" Song Premiere

Britney Spears premiered her new single "3" off The Singles Collection (November 24th) this morning & it's sizzlin'! I'm gonna have to agree with some opinions I've seen & say that "3" > "Womanizer." Not that the musical styles are necessarily the same, but this is one of those songs that feels natural for Britney (see: Blackout) as opposed to some of the stuff on Circus that seemed basically "wrapped up, packed up, ribbon wit a bow on it." Britney actually still has the ability, unlike performing, to record great music; I just hope that she slows it down a little in 2010 & gets back on track before making any more major moves because her health needs to be the top priority, especially now that she's surrounded by loved ones (at least in contrast to a few years ago). Anyway, "3" is awesome!


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poker rakeback said...

Britney is known for her beats and her dancing. Her vocals are not very strong, and the writing on her records definitely is subpar. I think the new song is catchy and will be a favorite at the bars and clubs.