Monday, April 14, 2008

Mariah Carey Performs "Bye Bye" On Oprah

Mariah had (almost) an entire episode of Oprah dedicated to her today that was all about her diet, workout, &, of course, new album E=MC², which hits stores TOMORROW!!! It was a really interesting watch & at the end, she performed ... for the first time (ish) ... her second single "Bye Bye," which is now available to download on iTunes! It was an alright performance, but here's what I wanna say about it: Mariah, we know you can (still) sing your booty off; all you need to do is warm up a little before you perform! Then, you'll be ready to blow us away. It's not like you have to try to look good ... because, omg people, is she not amazingly hot? Just had to throw that one out there.

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