Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Exclusive: Toni Braxton "Pulse 2" Mixtape

Before Toni Braxton's sixth studio album Pulse (which incidentally is made up entirely of leaked tracks itself) hits stores this coming Tuesday, check out this sequel/pre-quel I put together of the best Toni songs from this era that were left off the album & creatively titled Pulse 2. As opposed to most artists (Brandy being another exception), whose leaks stink more often than not, Toni Braxton hardly ever has a bad song. Therefore, with the massive amount of leakage Toni has had preceding Pulse, I simply could not let so much hot material go to waste. Not to toot my own horn, but I found that the latter half of the tracks on the "mixtape" (starting with "Caught (Don't Take Your Hat Off)") kinda tell a story! Take a listen above & check out the tracklisting below:

1. Get Loose
2. Rewind
3. Melt (Like An Iceberg)
4. Save Me
5. The Wave
6. You Got It
7. Caught (Don't Take Your Hat Off) (ft. Mo'Nique)
8. Don't Leave
9. I Hate Love
10. Not A Chance
11. The Break-Up


Anonymous said...

Not too bad.

D69 said...

this is dope! i love this nigga, i already downloaded this and put it on my ipod.